Hannes Mlenek

Exhi­bi­tion from 02.06.2021 — 10.07.2021


Hannes Mlenek is pri­mar­i­ly a drafts­man. The cen­tral theme of his cre­ations is the human body. The expres­sive, pow­er­ful expres­sion of his work, most­ly in over­sized pic­ture for­mats, draws shad­owy forms of the human body.
Cur­rent works, which are unusu­al­ly small-for­mat for the artist, are shown in the exhibition.
Hannes Mlenek was born in Wiener Neustadt in 1949 and attend­ed the Uni­ver­si­ty of Applied Arts in Vien­na as a guest stu­dent. The drafts­man and painter has been work­ing as a free­lance artist since 1976. Mlenek has con­sis­tent­ly devel­oped a work that can be locat­ed both in the area of the ges­tur­al-expres­sive as well as in the area of the fig­u­ra­tive. Mlenek’s works, work cycles and instal­la­tions have recent­ly been shown in exhi­bi­tions at the Leopold Muse­um in Vien­na, the Grenz Kun­st Halle in Jen­ners­dorf and the Anger­lehn­er Muse­um in Thal­heim near Wels.
Mlenek lives and works in Vien­na. Since 2016 the artist has a fed­er­al sculptor’s stu­dio in Vienna’s Prater.