Gabriele Kutschera–Bischof

Exhi­bi­tion from 06/03/2020 – 07/11/2020

For over 40 years Gabriele Kutschera has ded­i­cat­ed her­self to a tech­nique and a mate­r­i­al, the forg­ing of iron. The artist acquired the basics for this in an old art forge. Like any form­ing process, forg­ing takes time and patience. Every blow of the ham­mer brings a change. It is reduced, rhyth­mic work, a rhythm of ten­sion and let­ting go. Gabriele Kutschera forges lances, leaf and knot ste­les from square bars, using all pos­si­ble tech­niques: she hits, bends, ham­mers, turns and splits the iron. Her favorite shapes are the pad­dles and the cords that con­nect them to space-con­quer­ing objects. The inter­play of open­ing and con­dens­ing forms is impressed on the viewer.

Iron sculp­tures from the years 2009 to 2019 are shown in the exhibition.

Link to Par­nas­sus, Stu­dio Diary: Gabriele Kutschera in Parnassus