Alexander Strohte

Exhi­bi­tion from 10/14/2020 – 11/21/2020

The first abstract seascapes by Alexan­der Stro­hte, cre­at­ed in 1985, show strong rem­i­nis­cences of hap­pi­ly trans­fig­ured sub­jec­tive mem­o­ries with their pas­tose lay­ers of paint. In the fol­low­ing years the sub­ject was expand­ed to include recur­ring ref­er­ences to ancient pagan mythol­o­gy. Sym­bols of Chris­t­ian mythol­o­gy fol­low. The focus is on the puri­fy­ing pow­er of water. From 2000 the artist deals with the threat­ened ocean habi­tat, and this is fol­lowed by an exam­i­na­tion of the destruc­tive ocean as an over­whelm­ing threat to human beings. In his new works, the col­ored sur­faces break up and reveal the com­po­si­tion­al frame­work of his works, sketched with col­ored pen­cils and pas­tel. The flow­ing rhythm in Strohte’s works refers to a uni­ver­sal code — the rhythm of ebb and flow, of new moon and full moon, which is present every­where and which deter­mines our lives. Cur­rent works by the artist are shown in the exhibition